Population Ageing

The UNSW Business School is host to the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) that received $12.7 million in total funding for 2011-2017 in partnership with other universities, industry, and government, and an additional $27.25 million in funding for 2017-2024.

CEPAR was the first social sciences research centre to be awarded ARC Centres of Excellence funding and remains the only Centre of Excellence to be hosted by a Business School.

“Population ageing is an issue of paramount importance to all; this is truly the ageing century”, said Centre Director Professor John Piggott after CEPAR’s latest funding success. “The research we will continue to undertake has the potential to transform Australia’s future. It supports a vision of Australia where economic growth is robust, the mature labour market is buoyant, health and social services are effectively and sustainably delivered, cognitive ageing is slowed as a result of meaningful work and social participation, outcomes for women in the workplace and in retirement are improved, and individuals are guided in decision making and financial risk management.”

Find out more on the CEPAR website.