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From CEO pay to Tennis prize money: Is it (just) about skill?
2nd Annual Financial Institutions, Regulation and Corporate Governance Conference
January 28-30, 2017, Melbourne Business School

The University of Melbourne's Financial Institutions, Regulation and Corporate Governance research group at Melbourne Business School and the University of New South Wales’s Women in Leadership Research Network invite you to serve up your ideas and enjoy some summer warmth during the Australian Open, one of Australia's biggest and most-loved sporting events.

Women in Leadership and in Society PhD Grant Application

The Women in Leadership network provides funding to assist PhD students in conducting research in areas related to women in leadership and in society. Please follow below links to apply. Applications should be submitted by completing the Women in Leadership and in Society PhD Grant Application form and emailing the completed form to by March 10, 2016.

American Finance Association (AFA) forms Academic Female Finance Committee (AFFECT)

The American Finance Association is pleased to announce the formation of the Academic Female Finance Committee (AFFECT) in 2015. The goal of AFFECT is to identify and remove barriers to achieving a more diverse faculty composition in finance. Why is gender diversity in finance lagging behind math and other STEM fields where the gender gap has narrowed? AFFECT strives to systematically analyse women's position in the profession, to evaluate factors that limit women's advancement, and to work to develop practical solutions to promote a diverse faculty.

The founding board members are Renée Adams, Francesca Cornelli, Michelle Lowry, Sydney Ludvigson, Ulrike Malmendier, and Paola Sapienza. The founding Advisory board members are Brad Barber, Kathleen Hagerty, Maureen O'Hara, Laura Starks, Jessica Wachter and Toni Whited.

The University of New South Wales is the current host university.

AFFECT held its launch event at the 2016 AFA meeting. More information about AFFECT is available on its website or via e-mail to Join the AFFECT email list.

Women in Leadership and in Society PhD Grants

Congratulations to Jing Xu who will receive funding to her research "Do Women and Men have equal promotion opportunities to Corporate Boards?". Women in Leadership Network will fund Jing's research to the value of $1,400.

Past events

Book launch event: Gigi Foster

On February 15th, 2016, Network member Gigi Foster’s book on the Economics of Multi‐tasking was launched. The event included a structured panel discussion entitled “Gender and Unpaid Work: Frontiers in measurement, visibility and social development”, and it featured a panel of experts including Marilyn Waring and Michael Bittman.

First conference organised by Women in Leadership Research Network

In September 2015, the Women in Leadership Research Network held its first all-day conference with guest of honour, President and Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ian Jacobs and Professor Chris Styles (Dean, UNSW Business School).

At the conference, PhD students who applied for Women in Leadership and Society grants presented their proposals. Students who will receive funding for their early research will be announced shortly.