Highlight Achievements

  • Grosjean receiving The “Rising Stars” program, run by the DVCR’s office, is one of the initiatives coming out of the VC’s Strategy 2025 vision; specifically, the highlighting of high-quality and impactful research conducted at UNSW. I have no doubt that the rising research stars will be the focus of many media reports and events.
  • Grosjean ARC DISCOVERY GRANT With Rob Brooks (BEES, UNSW) and Paul Seabright (IAST, Toulouse School of Economics) On the origins and persistence of gender: Combining evolutionary and economic approaches to study sex differences and cultural variation
  • Six of the network members have a total of 14 different A*/FT45 publications since 2010, including in Management Science, Review of Economic Studies, Journal of Economic Literature, Journal of Law and Economics, American Economic Review, Review of Economics and Statistics, and Journal of Labor Economics
  • Grosjean lead the survey design for the "Life in Transition Survey" in 40 countries, with a budget of USD$1.5 million (funded by the World Bank and European Bank of Regional Development). She also recently conducted survey and field experiments in the Solomon Islands with USD$100,000 (funded by the World Bank)
  • Adams is an Associate Editor of Management Science
  • Adams' paper "A Theory of Friendly Boards" is the most cited paper in the Google Scholar ranking for the Journal of Finance (2007 onwards) and won the Emerald Citation of Excellence Award and the Egon Zehnder Prize for the European Corporate Governance Institute's "best paper on company boards and their role in European corporate governance"
  • Adams' paper "Women in the Boardroom and their Impact on Governance and Performance" is the third most cited article published since 2009 in the Journal of Financial Economics. It was featured in the Economist, the Financial Times, the Observer, and served as evidence in a UK parliamentary hearing
  • ARC grant awards totalling more than $540,000 (Foster)