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Course enrolment guides for postgraduates

Enrolment recommendation for your program in
Semester 1, 2017

For the rules of your program refer to 2017 Handbook to complete your degree.

Key dates
  • Last day to enrol for Semester 1 2017 - 5 March 2017.
  • Census date – 31 March 2017 (last day to drop courses without financial penalty)
Enrolment load
  • Domestic students: enrol in one, two, three or four courses for each semester.
  • International students: enrol in four courses each semester to fulfill student visa requirements
Applying for Course Credit / Advanced Standing
  • Apply online via this form before 31 January, 2017

If you have been awarded course credits in your offer you will need to:

  1. Review the online handbook with regards to the next sequence of courses you should enrol in.
  2. You may like to complete a progression plan form to assist you in understanding what courses you should enrol in for your first and following semesters, to complete your degree.
  3. More Help
    • To review the full course outlines before you make your enrolment, refer to the PG course outlines
    • If you are have trouble enrolling or need advice about what courses to enrol in contact Business School Student Centre: +61 2 9385 3189 or submit an online form

    Postgraduate degree programs

    Graduate Certificate in Economics (7412)

    Choose one of the following Core Microeconomics Course

    Core Quantitative Course

    Choose one Core one Core Economics Course (6 UOC) from the following:

    Choose one elective course (6 UOC) from the following:

    Master of Actuarial Studies (8411), Master of Actuarial Studies Extension (8416)

    If you are interested in the Part I actuarial professional accreditation, enrol in:

    If you have completed part I studies, enrol in:

    Master of Commerce (8404), Master of Commerce Extension (8417)

    Management Accounting Specialisation

    Business Strategy Specialisation

    Choose one of the following:

    Economics and Finance Specialisation

    Banking Specialisation

    Finance Specialisation

    Enterprise Systems and Business Designs Specialisation

    Human Resource Management Specialisation

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Specialisation

    International Business Specialisation

    Organisation and Management Specialisation

    Marketing Specialisation

    Risk Management Specialisation

    Master of Finance (8406)

    Choose a specialisation you wish to study and select two elective courses from the lists outlined in the UNSW Handbook (link is below). Note not all elective courses are offered in both semesters. Available courses for 2017 are listed on this document (pdf).

    Elective courses are based on the specialisation chosen and your career interests. Ensure you choose courses that you have not completed in your bachelor degree, as the Master of Finance is about building your knowledge.

    • Corporate Finance - Financial management of corporations that is aimed at creating value for their shareholders
    • Finance - Various areas of finance
    • Funds Management - Portfolio management of investable asset classes that is aimed at building wealth for private or institutional investors
    • International Finance - Financial management of multinational corporations (MNCs) that is aimed at managing their international investments and exposure to political and foreign exchange risks; and of financial institutions that is aimed at managing their international sources of funding, exposure to interest rate risks and compliance to the international regulatory framework
    • Investment Banking - Corporate advisory in capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, spinoffs and divestitures, and restructuring and control
    Master of Financial Analysis (8413)

    Select a mix of Accounting and Finance courses in accordance with your undergraduate major/s. You should not enrol in a course for which you have a waiver. Waivers allow you to start your program with more advanced courses as waivers satisfy prerequisite requirements.

    Accounting enrolment recommendations

    If you completed an Accounting major in your first degree, you should receive waivers for ACCT5930 and ACCT5996. A waiver exempts students from the prerequisite requirement for particular courses. Waivers do not reduce the need to complete eight courses for the program.

    Finance enrolment recommendations

    If you completed a Finance major in your first degree, you should receive waivers for FINS5513. A waiver exempts students from the prerequisite requirement for particular courses. Waivers do not reduce the need to complete eight courses for the program.

    Master of Information Systems Management (8435)

    Students admitted to the one year program are required to complete 48 UOC: 4 core courses (Core 2; 24 UOC) the capstone course (12 UOC), and 2 elective courses (6 UOC each).

    Choose 3 courses form Core 2:

    Choose 1 x elective suggested below:

    Students admitted to the 18 month program are required to complete 72 UOC: core 1 and core 2 (48 UOC), the capstone course (12 UOC), and 2 elective courses (6 UOC each) from the courses listed below.

    Choose 3-4 courses form Core 1& 2

    Core 1:

    Core 2:

    Choose 1-0 elective suggested below:

    Master of International Business/Global (8370)

    Choose one elective of the following:

    * Students need to seek enrolment permission from the relevant school to enrol into the electives if prerequisite/s are not met.

    Master of Taxation (9250)

    Taxation Specialisation

    Choose four electives from the following:

  4. TABL5503 Taxation of Corporations (6 UOC)
  5. TABL5510 Taxation of Superannuation (6 UOC)
  6. TABL5515 Taxation of Capital Gains (6 UOC)
  7. TABL5520 Principles of Aust Intern'l Tx (6 UOC)
  8. TABL5522 GST: Design and Structure (6 UOC)
  9. TABL5527 Tax Strategies in Fin Planning (6 UOC)
  10. TABL5528 Int Tax: Design and Structure (6 UOC)
  11. TABL5538 Tax Planning and Anti Avoidance (6 UOC)
  12. TABL5550 Principles Tax Transfer Pricing (6 UOC)
  13. TABL5580 Current Research Probs in Tax (6 UOC)
  14. TABL5581 International Tax Research (6 UOC)
  15. TABL5805 Research Methods in Tax & Bus Law (6 UOC)
  16. International Taxation Specialisation

    Choose up to 4 from List A:

    Choose up to 3 from List B:

    Revenue Administration Specialisation

    Choose 1 course from the following:

How to choose your courses and enrol

Check above to see if enrolment is open for your semester and follow the steps below.

Step 1

Select your courses via our Undergraduate or Postgraduate enrolment guides or UNSW Handbook

Step 2

Check UNSW timetable to plan your course schedule

Step 3

Once your courses are planned you are ready to enrol via myUNSW. View the How to video or PDF guide for details.

Step 4

To access all of the UNSW online services create your ZPass. Create this now to receive UNSW information that is important to you.

Great! You are now a UNSW Business student!

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