Global Business Practicum

The COMM3020 Global Business Practicum is an experiential and intensive for-credit course. It provides students with the unique opportunity to gain international understanding, exposure and workplace skills through studying and working in a specified location overseas, including Asia.

The central component of the course is the opportunity to work in small cross-disciplinary student consulting team on a genuine business issue of a client organisation, such as local branches of international financial, marketing and technology corporations. In addition, students will also attend master classes by local industry leaders, government officials and academic experts and learn about the local culture through fieldtrips to important cultural landmarks. Each year the COMM3020 Global Business Practicum is offered in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Jakarta and Israel.


The practicum in Bangkok gave us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the life of a local Thai business person. Working on real, impactful projects was both challenging and rewarding. I made friends I know I'll keep for a long time.This practicum is something I recommend to everyone!

Kai Muir
UNSW Business School Student