Student Exchange

Student exchange

Live overseas while earning credit to your UNSW degree by completing 1-3 term(s) of Exchange at one of our 200+ partner universities.

Exchange offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a foreign culture and gain exposure to a different education system without adding time to your degree. Discuss the European economic landscape while sipping an espresso in Milan or practice Mandarin while wandering the night markets in Shanghai – the opportunities are endless! Visit Student Exchange for more information, including how to apply for a host of scholarships and loans.


I took finance classes with Wall Street’s future best-and-brightest. While the classes were intense, the countless memorable times in New York’s awesome cafes and bars spent with great people from Europe, South America and Hong Kong gave me a great exchange experience. I had a lot of fun interning for the Washington Square News, a NYU student-run newspaper which landed me a “press pass” to events featuring Bill Clinton and NYC Fashion Week shows. Spring break in Cancun, Mexico was an absolute blast. To conclude the exchange experience like a real US college graduate, we spent the last few days in a rented car driving along the stunning Route 1 highway on the Pacific coast between San Francisco and Los Angeles.

UNSW Business School Student, exchanged at New York University

The UK is the gateway to Europe and studying at the University of Birmingham gave me the opportunity to explore different countries. As a political student, the British courses provided me with a Eurocentric point of view that brought greater understanding to the important perspectives of IR that we studied at UNSW. The Student Exchange program is truly enriching for any political science student and indeed a must-do.

UNSW Student, exchanged at University of Birmingham
Gail Kelly

Gail Kelly Global Leadership Scholarship

Apply for the Gail Kelly Global Leadership Scholarship along with a semester exchange at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The scholarship includes personal mentoring by Dr Kelly and $20,000 to support your exchange.