Internships and consulting projects

Sharpen your professional career skills with UNSW Business School’s for-credit and not-for-credit opportunities such as traditional work placements, consultancy projects, social entrepreneurship practicums, and virtual internships. 

Internships and Consulting Projects

Internships and Consulting Projects

Experiences that will help your career can come in many formats, from traditional industry placements to online project-based internships.

Virtual Internships by InsideSherpa
Industry Experience Program (COMM2222)
Industry Consulting Project (COMM2233)
Global Workplace Practice (COMM5008)
Work Experience

Social Entrepreneurship Practicum

Social Entrepreneurship Practicum

The Social Entrepreneurship practicums are designed to integrate theory with experiential practice and involve authentic engagement with partner organisations. It enables students to develop professional skills while working in a team on a real social entrepreneurship project. Find out more

Social Impact Hub (COMM3030)
The Big Idea Competition (COMM3030, COMM5201)
India | Myanmar (COMM3030)
Sydney | Bali (COMM5030)

Connecting with our Students

Enhance your strategic projects with fresh perspectives from motivated UNSW Business School students, and connect with these future leaders through a range of opportunities from the following disciplines: 

  • Accounting
  • Banking and Finance
  • Economics
  • Information Systems
  • Management
  • Marketing Risk and Actuarial
  • Taxation and Business Law 

More information on the ways you can engage with our students