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Microsoft Excel Certification

Learn how to analyse, manipulate and present data in Excel. Once you have developed your skills, prove it by gaining a globally recognised Microsoft Office Specialist digital badge – on campus, for free.


All students enrolled in a Business School program can access this training and certification. Please click the link below to get started.

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Find Jobs in China

We've teamed up with GUCCU, supported by LockinChina, the largest recruitment platform for talent in China.


Chinese Job Portal

LockinChina uses a unique job matching system to match the candidate with the right employer. It helps Chinese companies recruit graduates and experienced talents.

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New Global Career Portal

We've partnered with EFMD to offer students their very own global career platform.


Find Your New Role

Connect with hundreds of global companies with job opportunities all over the globe. The new platform runs alongside existing Business School career platforms. As well as hundreds of roles there are online assessments, so you can find the job that matches your skills.

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Click here to access Lynda. When accessed via a UNSW SOE computer, this portal will automatically log you in using the staff account currently logged onto the computer. If prompted you just need to ensure your zID is in the format of

Improve Your Organizational Skills

Boost your productivity by managing time more efficiently, creating effective to-do lists, and sharpening your focus on what matters most. Manage your time more efficiently. Prioritize your tasks with effective to-do lists. Protect your focus from daily distractions.

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Why the first days in a new job matter

Kat Cole, FOCUS Brands group president, talks about the importance of the first 20 to 40 hours in onboarding new employees. She provides tips on how to successfully engage, nurture, and feed passions of new and current employees alike.

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Make Recruiters Come to You

Learn what recruiters look for, and how to help them find you. J.T. O'Donnell is a LinkedIn Influencer and an expert on job search and recruiting. She helps job seekers understand the modern job search and make the most of recruiters, specifically how to use recruiters in the LinkedIn marketplace, how to understand the role of the resume and cover letters in the job search process, and how to connect and follow up with a recruiter.

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