The power of mentoring: Sid’s story

Sid Prasad, Bachelor of Commerce/Engineering 2018 
Career Mentoring Program Mentee 

How did you find out about the Career Mentoring Program? What made you apply for CMP?

I found out about the Career Mentoring program by browsing through the UNSW Business School website. The key reason I applied to the program was the opportunity it provided me to link up with an industry professional. I have always wanted a mentor, but I have been unsure on how I would establish that relationship and hence I believed applying for the program would be the perfect opportunity to begin a mentoring relationship that I strived for.

What were the highlights of the program for you?

Personally, the highlights for me were definitely my chats with my mentor as I felt I could discuss all my concerns regarding my professional career and gain some very valuable feedback on how I can approach the problems I was facing at the time or how I can best prepare myself for the future. In addition to this, I also greatly enjoyed Anthony Matis workshop as he discussed the importance of people skills and how it can make a significant difference in the workplace. Lastly, I very much enjoyed meeting some like-minded students, some of whom I still catch up with!

Has CMP helped you with your future career goals and if so how?

CMP has definitely helped me with my future career goals. Through my relationship with my mentor, I have been able to increase my understanding of an industry that I am interested in working in through which I have taken the initiative to contact companies and successfully secure interviews for the upcoming year. In addition to this, I have also increased my understanding of the skills that are valued in the workplace and what tangible actions I can take now in order to develop and enhance these skills. Lastly, through this program, I have also had the chance to refine my resume and LinkedIn profiles that are bound to help me in the near future with job applications.

What was the best skill you gained or piece of advice you received?
    The three key pieces of advice that I received that are going to stay with me for the duration of my professional career are:
  • Say yes to every opportunity! You have no idea where it may lead you.
  • The importance of treating people well when working as part of a team in order to overcome challenges and perform to the best of the team's ability. It is essential that everyone feels valued and the knows that their perspective is considered.
  • If you can prove to someone that you can work well with a group of diverse people, can solve problems and can work well under pressure you will never have a problem obtaining a job.
What is your top tip for future Business School students interested in taking part in CMP?

Definitely apply for the program! You are given the opportunity to develop yourself and meet some incredible students and mentors that you can learn a lot from and also gain some handy tips and tricks that you are bound to use in the future for your professional career. You will definitely not regret being part of this program!