Changes to our Bachelor of Commerce program from 2021

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The UNSW Business School has made innovative changes to the curriculum of our Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) for new students commencing in 2021.

Why have we made the change?

As an innovative Business School, we continually refresh our program offerings to be at the forefront of industry research and business practice. Updating and redesigning our curriculum will ensure that our BCom students continue to receive a world class, market leading degree that prepares them to achieve their career goals.

Changes to the program have been informed by extensive research with students, alumni and employers.

What does this mean for current BCom (and double degree) students?

If you commenced your degree in 2020 or earlier your curriculum will not change. Your courses will continue to be offered and you will complete your degree as per your progression plan. However, you will be able to opt-in to many of the new features and courses in the 2021 Bachelor of Commerce.

What are the curriculum changes for new students in 2021?

Full details about the new curriculum are available in the 2021 Handbook. Key changes are outlined below.

  • An Integrated First Year (IFY) This is another way of saying “interdisciplinary”. Organisations solve problems by using different teams and discipline areas. This is reflected in the way we teach you content and skills. Students learn core knowledge from Accounting, Finance, Economics, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Statistics and Analytics, and Taxation in eight new interdisciplinary courses.
  • MyBCom A portfolio of your learning journey to demonstrate your knowledge, skills, capabilities and achievements to employers.
  • Mandatory Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Preparing you for your future career by allowing you to practice your theory in a practical, real-world business environment.
  • Final Year Synthesis Cementing your knowledge gained in your degree and applying that to real-world interdisciplinary problems.

  • What are my options?

    Our carefully planned transition arrangements allow you to benefit from the new curriculum to complement your current progression. The courses and features you can access depends on where you are at in your degree (e.g. how many commerce UOC you have completed).

    If you have completed more than 18 UOC from the pre-2021 BCom single or double-degree structure you should continue to follow your current structure up to graduation.

    If you have completed up to 18 UOC (one term or less of full-time study) we recommend that you switch to the new curriculum (although it is still optional).

    The table below is a snapshot of options available to our current students to help them assess their eligibility.

    Staying in the Pre - 2021 BCom curriculum
    Commerce UOC Completed Able to transition to the 2021 BCom curriculum MyBCom available? WIL available? Integrated First Year (IFY) Courses available? Final Year Synthesis available?
    ≤ 18 Yes - Blueprint (COMM0999)
    - First year portfolio (COMM1999)
    - Graduation portfolio (COMM3999)
    Yes Yes* Yes
    24 - 42 Yes#
    - Blueprint (COMM0999)
    - First year portfolio (COMM1999)
    - Graduation portfolio (COMM3999)
    Yes Yes* Yes
    48 - 90 No - First year portfolio (COMM1999)
    - Graduation portfolio (COMM3999)
    Yes Yes* Yes (UOC permitting)
    96 - 138 No - Graduation portfolio (COMM3999) Yes (UOC permitting) No* Yes (UOC permitting)

    * Some courses from the IFY may be available depending on where you are at in your degree and what courses you have already completed.

    # We recommend you stay but you have the option of transferring (note this will require more substitutions and might delay your graduation).

    How do I opt-in?

    If you are a current student enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce degree wishing to transition to the new curriculum you can request this by contacting the Business School Student Services Team.

    Please submit an online form via The Nucleus: Student Hub website. The deadline to request approval to follow the new curriculum is 31 January 2021 for all eligible students.

    What is happening to the ‘old’ (pre-2021 curriculum) courses?

    Students continuing in pre-2021 curriculum are advised to complete certain courses as a priority. We will teach our existing core courses for the last time in 2021 and these will not be offered every term, so you should take the following courses as soon as possible (depending on your major): MGMT1001, MGMT1101, ACCT1501, ACCT1511, FINS1613, MARK1012, TABL1710.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    For more information please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions to guide you through this process.


    If you have any questions about the new curriculum and your options, please contact the UNSW Business School Student Services Team @ The Nucleus: Student Hub on +61 2 8936 7005.

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