Cross institutional studies

In the best interests of our students’ safety and wellbeing, Cross Institutional Studies applications will not be considered for Term 2 and Term 3 2020 unless under extenuating circumstances.

Please note the UNSW Business School Cross InstitutionalStudies policy has changed. Our previous policy was in place to allow students to transition into 2019 3+.

UNSW courses should be utilised to complete the requirements of a student’s program wherever possible. The Faculty recognises, however, that circumstances may arise whereby this may not be feasible. In these circumstances cross-institutional study in another institution may be approved according to the following criteria. Please be mindful that meeting all the assessment criteria does not guarantee application approval.

Please note that courses completed on exchange are not considered in this protocol.

Assessment Criteria

A cross-institutional application may be considered if the following conditions apply:

  • Completion of the course does not lead to the student exceeding the business degree limit on cross-institutional study of 12 Units of Credit (UoC).
  • The student submits the cross-institutional application form online to the Business School Student Centre before commencing the course.
  • The student’s Academic Standing level is ‘Good’ in the previous term.
  • The course is not offered in the term at UNSW, or the student has extenuating circumstances beyond their control which prevents them from attending the course(s) at UNSW. The student should demonstrate why they cannot complete the course (s) at UNSW to fulfil the program requirements.
  • The course being completed is for international experience outside one’s home country. No home country cross institutional study is permitted except under extenuating circumstances (supporting documentation is required). These applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.
  • The student still meets the requirements of completing at least 50% of studies in the enrolled UNSW business program, in either single or dual mode.
  • The cross-institutional course has been assessed and approved as:
    • Equivalent to an UNSW course in terms of content and workload
    • It can contribute to their current program.
  • The cross-institutional course does not clash with the student’s UNSW course commitments.
  • The host institutions are typically limited to UNSW exchange and articulation partners (you may check this on UNSW website here), or universities of high quality in Australia or New Zealand. No private colleges or training institutes will be accepted.
  • The requirements of UNSW courses take precedence (e.g., with regards to timetable, assignments, exams, etc.). A clash in timetable is not grounds for special consideration or alternative assessment requests. Students must ensure they make appropriate arrangements if there is a clashing time between UNSW and host university.
  • For undergraduate students, if the course being completed on cross-institutional studies is for international experience, you must have completed at least 36UOC towards your degree.
  • If the student is concurrently enrolled at UNSW during the cross-institutional study period, the total UOC completed across cross-institutional study and UNSW should not exceed the maximum allowable UOC in that term.
  • The student is in a degree that is at least 72 UOC in duration.


Apply for Cross Institutional Study form on Business School website here to request permission to undertake study at another institution and for this study to be counted towards their current degree program at UNSW. By submitting an application, you confirm that you have obtained the course outline and any other supporting documentation directly from the host institution.

  • Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for processing; any incomplete applications, or applications not accompanied by the necessary documentation will not be processed.
  • An application for cross-institutional study should be accompanied by a detailed course outline that includes the course aims and objectives, course description, contact hours, weekly topic schedules, assessment details and weightings, text and references, etc.
  • A student undertaking cross-institutional enrolment is required to undertake the administrative requirements of the other institution themselves.
  • The student is responsible for the payment of their own tuition fees to the other institution.
  • A student undertaking cross-institutional enrolment may not vary their enrolment (other than by withdrawing from the approved course) at the other institution without prior written approval from the Business School Student Centre. The Student Centre may then consult with the relevant Program Coordinator if so required.
  • If the student is undertaking cross-institutional studies and is not enrolled in any course at UNSW, he/she must take program leave for that particular term (excludes Summer).
  • Results from courses undertaken at another institution are not part of the calculation for the student’s Weighted Average Mark (WAM); only the credit weighting for the completed cross-institutional course will appear on the UNSW Academic Transcript.
  • If the student is concurrently enrolled at UNSW during the cross-institutional study period, the total UOC completed across cross-institutional study and UNSW should not exceed the maximum allowable UOC in that term.
  • The student is in a degree that is at least 72 UOC in duration.

Application Procedure

Step 1.
Complete the Apply for Cross Institutional Study form 

Step 2.
Submit the completed application form and attach the course outline via Business School online form website. If you have applied at the other institution and they require your home institution to complete the approval section, please include the form for endorsement.

By submitting the application form you agree to the above criteria

Step 3.
If the cross-institutional application is approved, the Business School Student Centre send an email for approval to you. Please read the email carefully.

Step 4.
Contact the institution with which you want to do the course and follow its application procedure / deadline / form and submit the necessary documentation directly to that institution.

Step 5.
Upon successful completion of the approved cross-institutional course(s), submit the result to the Business School Student Centre so credits can be transferred onto your UNSW academic transcript. Only the official academic transcript or official results notification will be accepted and the course name / title must match the course on the approval letter. Please note that the course results achieved at the other institution will not appear on your UNSW academic transcript.

Send results to:
UNSW Business School Student Centre
Room 1028, Level 1 Quadrangle Building (E15), UNSW
Sydney NSW 2052

You may also submit a copy of your official transcript via online form here

Students who are completing cross-institutional studies overseas (including for a short course) should visit the International SOS site to register their travel and ensure they are covered by the UNSW Travel Insurance.