Failed final undergraduate and postgraduate course

An undergraduate or postgraduate student who completes all of the requirements for a Business School award except for a fail result in one business course in the current term will be granted the opportunity to sit an alternate exam / assessment. An alternate exam will be the typical assessment granted.

Students eligible for this alternate exam will be notified in writing to their zmail account.

Granting of this opportunity is subject to the following provisions:

  • For courses with a composite mark, the option is only open to those students whose mark in the course in question is 40 or above.
  • If a UF grade has been awarded, then this option is only open to those students whose mark in the key assessment1 is 40 or above AND their composite mark is 40 or above.
  • If a student obtains a pass result in the alternate task they can only receive a maximum mark and grade of 50 PS for the course unless they have a pre-existing special consideration application for the course in which case there is no restriction on the final mark and grade.
  • The option is available for courses graded Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory or Pass / Fail.
  • The option is available in both single and dual award programs.

[1. Key assessment: Those assessments which the course outline states a student must pass in order to pass the course.]

Timing of an alternate assessment/exam

Eligible students will sit the alternate assessment during the supplementary exam period for that term.

Supplementary exams will not be held any other time.

Examples of situations where a student will not be given an opportunity to sit an alternate exam / assessment:

    The current term is not the student’s final term for their program, e.g. student is in their penultimate term.
  • The student’s composite mark for the course is less than 40.
  • The student has failed more than one course in the current term.
  • The student has received a composite mark of above 40, however the result in the key assessment is less than 40. (E.g. A student received a composite mark of 51 however their performance in the individual assessment (the key assessment) is only 38%.)