Writing & editing

Resources to help with writing and editing assignments for UNSW Australia Business School courses.

Writing in academic style

What is academic style? What is the cultural context of academic writing? What expectations do lecturers have of student writers? How does the purpose of written academic English differ from that of spoken English? How does academic English differ from journalistic English? How does academic English differ from text book English? What are the linguistic characteristics of academic writing? What are the differences in the way an idea is expressed in spoken English and in academic English?

Writing an essay

What is an essay? How do essays differ from reports? What do you need to do to understand the question asked? What is the structure of an essay? How do you incorporate evidence from your sources in your essay? What are the steps in writing an assignment essay? What makes a good essay? Are exam essays different from assignment essays? Are there differences across cultures in regard to what constitutes a good essay?

Writing a report

What is a report? What kinds of reports do you write in the Business? How do reports differ from essays? Are reports written for university courses the same as professional reports? What is the structure of a report? What are appropriate headings and subheadings? Should you use "academic English" in a report? What makes a good report?

Writing a literature review

What is a literature review? What steps must you take in preparing to write a literature review? How might you classify different writings on your topic? What is the structure of a literature review? What makes a good literature review?

Writing a case analysis

What is a 'case'? What is your role as an analyst? What are the stages in preparing a case analysis? What do you need to do to understand the situation? How do you present your case analysis? What makes a good case analysis? Is there a best answer for a case analysis?

Editing your writing for grammar mistakes

Is grammar only a problem for non-English speaking background students? What are the most frequent grammar mistakes in student writing in the Business School

Editing your writing for content, coherence and cohesion

What should you do when editing for content? What should you do when editing for coherence? What should you do when editing for cohesion?