Credit Transfer Guide

The Credit Transfer/Advanced Standing Course Guide aims to provide guidance and assistance to Business School Undergraduate students when applying for credit transfer. Please note that Postgraduate students should not use this guide.

You can apply to transfer credits from your previous degree to UNSW if it is Bachelor degree or equivalent level. If you have studied in one of the Business School pathway arrangements with recognised colleges, polytechnics and universities in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, you can visit the international pathway pages to view the pre-assessed credit list. Other pathway Diplomas not listed on the international pathway pages will only be assessed for entry, no credits will be awarded.

Note: If undergraduate students get more than 48 UOC of credit, particular rules apply (see flowchart below).

Credit Transfer Flowchart

How to use this Guide?

The Credit Transfer Guide allows you to search for courses which have already been assessed by the Business School. If the course appears on the results list, it means you do not need to submit course outline in your Credit Transfer application.

If the course is not on the results list, you can still apply for a credit transfer and attach the relevant course outlines. Each course outline should contain the following information:

  • Course description
  • Total contact hours for the whole course (e.g. how many lectures/tutorials per week; how many weeks for the teaching period)
  • Assessment weighting schedules (e.g. 30% Mid-term; 40% Final exam etc)
  • Weekly Topic Schedule (i.e. which topics were taught in each week)
  • Textbook materials used

Missing information on the course outline may result in extended delays in assessing your application.

The Credit Transfer Guide is to be used as a guide only as course content may change or expire. The final approval for credit transfer resides with the Faculty offering the course.

How to apply for Credit Transfer?

Please refer to the Undergraduate application for credit/advanced standing online form for more information

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