Enrolment Options in Term 2 2020

Guidance on preparing your study plans for Term 2 at UNSW.

If you are a continuing student, please see the progression plans and Handbook for further information to plan your Term 2 enrolment.

Below are examples of study plans that students who are impacted by COVID-19 could undertake from Term 2 at UNSW Business School. There are a wide range of course options available for students now commencing in Term 2. Due to the impact of the coronavirus, these offerings have been expanded even further.

Currently, UNSW envisions minimal long-term impact to most affected students study progression.
Our 3+ Academic Calendar allows students the flexibility to balance their study across three major terms while also having the opportunity to take intensive courses over summer. In many cases, there are also opportunities for students to plan their study to include a full term off study a year.

Please note, these are subject to change and represent one possible progression pathway.

If you are enrolled in a double degree with a UNSW Business School component, for which another Faculty is the program authority, please contact that Faculty for a sample program. For help with the UNSW Business School component please contact the UNSW Business School Student Service team.

Sample Program Maps