Individual consultations

All Business School students are invited to take advantage of our free consultation service. You can meet with a learning assistant who has expertise in business studies, numeracy and statistics, or writing and researching at university level.

They offer guidance and support in all areas of business study and can help you understand assignment requirements, review your work, and offer advice in how to meet course requirements to the best of your ability.

How to book a consultation

All consultations are by appointment through our online booking system. They are broadly classified into “Literacy” and “Numeracy”, so be sure to select the type of consultation that will meet your needs:

Literacy Consultations focus on offering support with general study skills and assessment tasks such as drafting essays and reports, presentations and preparing for exams.

Numeracy Consultations focus on supporting students who require assistance with assessment tasks that primarily involve mathematics and statistics.

You will need your student number and zPass to access the booking system.

You will receive a reminder email 48 hours before your consultation.

Preparing for your consultation

You need to bring a digital copy or a hard copy of the following:

  • your writing or response to a task (at any stage of development)
  • The assignment question and details or topic you are working on
  • Past feedback and/or other material you consider relevant to the task

If you have booked an email or skype consultation, you can help us by emailing the above materials to at least one working day (Monday to Friday) prior to your appointment.

Where to find us

Face-to-face consultations are held next door to the Business School Student Centre, in Quad 1035 (Map reference E15). Please arrive at least 5 minutes early in order to not waste any of your consult time finding the room and meeting your learning assistant. Use the intercom to contact the consult room, X 56397, so we can let you in.

Business Pulse Education Development Unit

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Before you make a Booking

1. We provide online resources which cover many areas of academic study. Please explore these resources before making a booking.

2. Determine if the immediate support you require would be best addressed in a “Literacy” or “Numeracy” consultation. There onwards, make sure your booking is with the appropriate consultant.


Business School students are allowed 3 consultations each semester. Any consultation booking that is not cancelled with 24 hours notice will count as 1 consultation.

For more information contact:
Business School Student Centre

+61 2 9385 7555​​​