Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

What is PASS?

PASS offers free, weekly, out-of-class study sessions to all students enrolled in a targeted course. They are facilitated by a leader (or leaders) who are students who have previously and successfully completed the course. PASS is available for first year students studying Actuarial Studies, Accounting, Economics and Information Systems.

Attending PASS regularly can help you to:

  • Deepen your understanding of the course content
  • Develop skills for independent university study
  • Make friends
  • Feel more confident in your studies

Which courses is PASS offered in?


  • Accounting and Financial Management 1A (ACCT1501)
  • Accounting and Financial Management 1B (ACCT1511)
  • The Financial Life-Cycle (ACTL1101)
  • Stochastic Models for Actuarial Applications (ACTL2003)
  • Probability and Mathematical Statistics (ACTL2131)
  • Microeconomics 1 (ECON1101)
  • Macroeconomics 1 (ECON1102)
  • Quantitative Analysis for business and Economics (ECON1202)
  • Business and Economics Statistics (ECON1203)
  • Introductory Econometrics (ECON2206)
  • Capital Markets & Institutions (FINS1612)
  • Business Finance (FINS1613)
  • Portfolio Management (FINS2624)
  • Information Systems in Business (INFS1602)
  • Business Databases (INFS1603)
  • Fundamentals of Business Programming (INFS1609)
  • Business Application Programming (INFS2605)
  • Enterprise Database Management (INFS2608)
  • Marketing Fundamentals (MARK 1012)


  • Quantitative Methods for Business (COMM5005)
  • Data and Business Analysis and (COMM5011)
  • Introductory Statistics and Data Analysis (ECON5257)
  • Investments and Portfolio Selection (FINS5513)
  • Accounting Information Systems (INFS5978)

Current PASS timetables

How can I join a PASS Group?

PASS sessions begin in week 3. Timetables for the PASS groups are handed out at lectures in the first two weeks of session and/or are made available on the course Moodle websites. There’s no need to register.

We recommend that you attend the same group regularly but there is no obligation. You can even attend more than one PASS group a week in a subject if you like. You can also choose to attend some weeks but not others.

How can I get the most out of PASS?

  • Be interactive – this is the optimum way to learn
  • Come along with questions and raise issues
  • Attend regularly

Are you interested in becoming a PASS leader?

PASS leaders are mainly 2nd and 3rd year students who:

  • Have good results (usually a distinction) in the relevant first year courses
  • Have excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Have an enthusiastic commitment to supporting first year students

Leaders are trained by the PASS academic co-ordinators and the PASS co-ordinator. They are supported and supervised by the academic co-ordinator and attend weekly team meetings. Leaders are paid for participating in training, conducting PASS sessions and attending weekly meetings.

How to apply

Advertisements will appear on the School websites in October and announcements will be made in your classes. PASS leader applications need to include:

  • A cover letter/application form
  • Your CV
  • Your academic transcript

Successful applicants undergo training in late February of each year. Applications to be a PASS leader for Actuarial Studies and Commerce (ACTL1001) in session 2 open in April.