Referencing & plagiarism

Resources to help students with referencing in assignments for UNSW Australia Business School courses.

Acknowledging sources

How can you acknowledge sources when you are paraphrasing, summarising or quoting? How can you incorporate the name(s) of the author(s) into your text? What tense should you use when you are referring to others' ideas? Which reporting verbs should you use? Are there any grammatical rules that apply to reporting verbs? What differences are there in the meaning of reporting verbs? How often should you refer to you source in an assignment?

How to reference and avoid plagiarism

How can you manage your research and note-taking to avoid plagiarism? What is collusion and why should you avoid it? What sources should be cited in your academic work? Where can you go for further information and help?


Why do you need to write references in your assignments? Which style of referencing is preferred in the Business School? How should you write in-text references? How do you write up your List of References?