Rethinking the classroom

It’s an exciting new teaching space for discussion and collaboration, for doing and engaging in a new model of experiential learning.

At the UNSW Australia Business School, we recognise that the best learning happens when you take an active approach, and that our future business leaders need more than theoretical knowledge – they need to know how to apply their skills, work in teams, negotiate ideas and solve problems through analysis and brainstorming.

New approach to learning

Success in business today is not down to what you know, but what you can do with what you know.

The Place for students

This new approach to campus learning is proven to provide better learning outcomes.

Technology & resources for experiential learning

The Place was designed to break down the traditional divisions between teaching space and study space.

Step into the next generation of learning

Experience the "Flipped Classroom" for yourself using Google Cardboard. All you need is the app and a pair of Google cardboard glasses to get started.

Download the Virtual Tour App availab​le through the App Store and Google Play.