Program coordinators

Below is a list of undergraduate, postgraduate and honours program coordinators. For program specific queries please contact the Student Centre. For postgraduate research enquiries, please contact the Research office.

Deputy Dean, Education

Postgraduate Program Director

Undergraduate Program Director

Program coordinators by discipline

Discipline Undergraduate Coordinators

Postgraduate Coordinators

Honours Coordinators
Accounting Demi Chung Diane Mayorga Andrew Jackson
Banking & Finance David Colwell Henry Yip Li Yang
Economics Peter Kriesler Minxian Yang Geni Dechter
Information Systems, Technology & Management Michael Cahalane Toomas Tamm Sam Kirshner
Marketing Mohammed Razzaque Songting Dong Veronica Jiang
Management Dr Suzanne Chan-Serafin Sunghoon Kim  
Risk & Actuarial Studies Kevin Liu Anthony Asher Jonathan Ziveyi
Taxation & Business Law Anil Hargovan Anil Hargovan  

Postgraduate coordinators by program

Program Postgraduate Coordinators

Master of Accounting and Business Information Technology Diane Mayorga (Accounting)
John D'Ambra (Business Technology)
Master of Actuarial Studies (Extension) Anthony Asher
Master of Business and Technology Professor Nick Wailes
Master of Commerce / Master of Commerce (Extension) Tracy Wilcox
Master of Economics Minxian Yang
Master of Finance Henry Yip
Master of Financial Analysis Henry Yip
Master of Financial Planning Kingsley Fong
Master of Information Systems Management Toomas Tamm
Master of International Business Sunghoon Kim
Master of Marketing Paul Patterson
Master of Risk Management Ramaprasad Bhar
Master of Professional Accounting / Master of Professional Accounting (Extension) Diane Mayorga
Master of Technology and Innovation Management Sunghoon Kim
Master of Taxation / Master of Applied Taxation Anil Hargovan