Supplementary Exam Protocol

For a comprehensive overview of UNSW's special consideration, please refer to the Assessment Implementation Procedure.

  • A panel, consisting of a representative from each School within the UNSW Business School, will consider all applications for Special Consideration concerning the final exam in a course.
  • The outcome for a student from lodging an application for Special Consideration for a final exam is the granting, or not, of a supplementary exam (i.e., additional marks cannot be added without further assessment or consideration). Only in rare and exceptional circumstances will another form of assessment be considered.

The eligibility for Special Consideration is defined in the Assessment Implementation Procedure. As such, the UNSW Business School uses the following criteria in determining the granting, or not, of a supplementary exam: 

  • severity of the illness stated by the medical practitioner, or extent of misadventure; Medical certificates submitted for Special Consideration should cover the date of examination and include the medical practitioner's professional opinion on the student's capacity to study/sit an exam during that period. Certificates obtained online or via social media may be fraudulent and if relied upon could result in a breach of the UNSW Student Code and misconduct proceedings taken against you.
  • except in usual circumstances, the duration of circumstances impacting academic work must be more than 3 consecutive days, or a total of 5 days within the teaching period,
  • satisfactory performance in the course to date (performance in assessment prior to the final exam and class attendance, as specified in the course outline; where satisfactory performance is not defined in the course outline, a minimum of 40% in assessment prior to the final exam, and 75% of all pre-exam assessment completed is deemed satisfactory); and
  • onset of acute illness at time of final exam.

Students should read the Exams Contact material and note in particular the following under "Supplementary assessment":

  1. Supplementary examinations may be granted to students only when extenuating and unusual circumstances warrant them.
  2. UNSW considers the severity of the impact of any special circumstances on the student before allowing additional assessment.
  3. Final supplementary examinations will not be granted if a student's performance in previous assessments has been of a standard indicating that they would be unlikely to pass the course.
  • Supplementary examinations will be scheduled approximately two weeks after the official examination period. This schedule will be advertised from the beginning of the Semester on the Course Outline policies page. If a student lodges a Special Consideration request for a final exam, the student is indicating that she or he will be available on the days published. Supplementary exams will not be held at any other time.
  •  Students will be notified by the Business School Student Centre about the outcome of their application for special consideration for the final exam, through the University Online Special Consideration system. We will endeavor to advise students of the outcome as soon as possible before the commencement of the supplementary exam time period.
  • Where a student is granted a supplementary examination as a result of a request for special consideration, the student's original exam (if completed) will be ignored and only the mark achieved in the supplementary examination will count towards the final grade. Absence from a supplementary exam without prior notification does not entitle the student to have the original exam paper marked. Absence from the supplementary exam will result in a zero mark for the final exam.
  • If a student experiences another situation warranting special consideration for the supplementary exam, this must be expressed in writing to the Business School Student Centre prior to the date of the supplementary exam concerned. This can be done via the Business School Online forms – "Contact us about another matter" section. Absence from a supplementary exam without prior notification will result in a zero mark for the final exam.
  • If a student is awarded a supplementary exam before the date of their final exam and they decide to sit the final, the student forfeits the opportunity to sit the supplementary exam.
  • If a student wishes to appeal the panel decision surrounding her or his Special Consideration, the student should submit a written appeal to the Undergraduate or Postgraduate Academic Director. This can be done via the Business School Online forms – "Contact us about another matter" section. Appeals received through any other channels will not be considered. An appeal should state the bases on which the student is making the appeal. Failing resolution through the above procedure, the normal UNSW Student Complaint Procedure applies. If the student's appeal is successful, they must be available to sit the supplementary exam during the dates published. Please note that turnaround times can be very tight, and by submitting and appeal you confirm that you will be ready to take your exam potentially at short notice on the dates published.
  • Students will be informed of this protocol for supplementary exams through the inclusion of an explanatory statement in Course Outlines.