Rural students

Students from remote and regional communities face additional financial and other challenges when they move away from home to study in Sydney. These scholarships encourage them to make that journey and make the most of their studies when they get here.

Maple-Brown NSW Rural Scholarship UGCE1123M

For students from regional areas in NSW who wish to study at the UNSW Business School. Based on academic merit, leadership qualities, community contributions, and reasons for undertaking their program. Applicants should achieve an HSC result that places them in the top 5 per cent of the state

Philandron Foundation Scholarship UGCE1080

For rural students wishing to study either the Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Economics programs at the Business School. Based on academic merit; social and economic circumstances may be taken into account

William McIlrath Rural Scholarship UGCE1044

For rural students wishing to undertake a full-time undergraduate program in the Faculties of Science, Engineering, Law, Medicine, Built Environment or the Business School. Preference is given to students from more isolated areas and the scholarship is awarded on academic merit, leadership qualities and community participation.

"It was a major confidence boost to know that someone thought I was worthy of being awarded a scholarship to study at University."

Edwina RingLeighton Rural Scholarship