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Studying in Australia

Study in the morning, go to the beach in the afternoon, and check out the local or city nightlife that evening.

Student life

As well as the modern buildings and extensive recreational facilities, we also provide student services.

Studying at university

Information about what it's like to study at university, with some tips for making the most of your lectures and tutorials.

Student clubs & societies

Connect with our officially affiliated UNSW Business School Clubs and Societies.

Graduate stories

See where studying UNSW Business School took these graduates.

Classrooms and facilities

UNSW Business School features state-of-the-art learning environments that include a simulated trading floor and flipped classrooms.

Studying abroad in the USA

UNSW Business School student returns to Australia following a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Start studying in Term 2

Take control of your education and plan a program to suit you and your career goals.