Brooke’s Master of Commerce prepared her for a new challenge

Working in a fast-paced environment as a management consultant, Brooke Shaw wanted to develop her knowledge and gain expertise that would advance her career. Undertaking a Master of Commerce, specialising in organisation and management studies, was a natural next step. Read more

Dulana’s Social Entrepreneurship Practicum changed his perspective

Running a socially or environmentally-friendly business doesn’t mean you have to forgo profit, as Alexandra Gall and Dulana Jayawardena found out, both having completed social entrepreneurship opportunities during their degrees. Read more

Katrina’s Master of Taxation provided a new depth of understanding

Globalisation is creating a connected and dynamic business world. One where professionals who have a deep understanding of the ever-evolving domestic and international taxation systems are highly regarded and valued, making a Master of Taxation a wise career investment. Read more

Prof. Mark Humphery-Jenner discusses finance research

​Mark Humphery-Jenner, Associate Professor from the UNSW School of Finance, explains why research trends are increasingly helping finance professionals navigate real-world issues, including the management of overconfident executives. Read more

Jane’s internship provided an ideal transition to the workforce

An internship goes a long way to getting your foot on the career ladder. You’ll have the chance to experience working in a particular industry, which could give you the edge you need to land your dream job. Here are five reasons to put getting an internship on your to-do list. Read more

Jason’s Master of Commerce (Risk Management) enabled him to change careers

From police detective to director of a company that employs over 56,000 people, Jason Breton reflects on how completing a risk management masters enabled him to change careers, and carve out a valuable niche navigating and advising on risk. Read more

Why data analysts are in big demand

In recent years, data has become hugely valuable (and accessible) to organisations. Yet even more valuable are people who have the ability to understand, interpret and generate insights from this data. Read more

Why degrees with professional accreditation open more career doors

Providing a bridge between academia and industry, two alumni share why having a professionally-accredited degree has proved invaluable in their careers. Read more

How economics research is challenging views on refugees

Research coming out of the UNSW School of Economics is changing the way people think about refugees and their impact on the economy. Juan Carlos Carbajal, Associate Professor from the UNSW School of Economics, shares more. Read more

From Financial Analyst to Head of Finance – how Frances Summerhayes landed her dream job

Frances Summerhayes wanted to gain high-level analytical skills, as well as financial and commercial insights into industry, when she signed up to a Master of Financial Analysis in 2009. Eight years later and she’s Head of Finance for one of the world’s largest iron ore producers. She shares her story. Read more

What it’s like to do a business placement overseas

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Why a career mentor gives you an advantage come graduation

Career mentoring is not just for those who have an established career. A mentoring partnership during undergraduate or postgraduate study can broaden your career options, prepare you for the workforce and give you an opportunity to develop professional contacts. Two students share their experiences. Read more

Five secrets to juggling work, life and postgraduate study

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​5 graduates share how postgraduate study has changed their lives and catapulted their careers

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How one decision helped Brooke Shaw broaden her career horizon

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Want to make the world a better place?

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How Elaine Wang landed a position with Australia’s largest investment bank

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