Student clubs & societies

Involving yourself in student clubs and societies is a great way to get connected to the UNSW Business School, to help build leadership skills, meet people and have fun.

With hundreds of student organisations across UNSW, all students can find a group to call their own.

UNSW Business School, non-affiliated clubs and societies funding requests

The UNSW Business School accepts unsolicited funding requests from current UNSW Business School students to assist with any payments that are not related to their academic programs, or affiliated with clubs and societies.

If you wish to apply for semester 2 funding for the year 2017, kindly complete the attached form and return to by 31st August 2017.

The Business School clubs & societies

UNSW clubs & societies

External student societies

  • AIESEC: Student run organisation focused on youth leadership development
  • Financial Management Association of Australia: An independent student body which works closely with finance schools in various universities
  • Enactus UNSW: Developing multidisciplinary teams of changemakers to tackle the world's largest issues by creating social enterprises
  • UNIT: University Network for Investing and Trading