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Breaking barriers: Women in Business and Technology

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Technology has made a massive impact on the way we live and work, and will continue to do so in the future. Worldwide spending on technology reached $3,360 billion this year (Statista, 2019). Capturing the significant social and economic opportunities that technology brings, businesses are integrating new technologies such as cloud software, robotics and artificial intelligence into their current operations. These transformations will alter the type of jobs that businesses offers, impacting students and their career pathways.

With women more than twice as vulnerable than men to lose their jobs due to automation by robots, as outlined in a recent report from the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), Universities must prepare for changing future career patterns and direct focus on providing students with the necessary knowledge, skills and opportunities to adapt to new labor circumstances. Having identified a need for increased female representation in the business and technology space, we aim to address this problem by introducing technology literacy programs so that young women are further educated across a spectrum of technologies without having to necessarily pursue a degree in information technology. Inter-Varsity Tech Literacy Series, will equip our business female students to be 'Tech agile'.

In steering an initiative that aims to shape future female leaders in increasingly integrated technology and business industries, we’ve partnered with Capital W, a UNSW student association, encouraging more young women to pursue careers in this space. Our program reaches out to female students both within and beyond UNSW Business School by including student associations from three other universities, including Macquarie, USyd and UTS.

We have deliberately targeted female students in Business in order to reduce gender bias and motivate talented female students with the skills and networks to become future leaders in the increasingly integrated business and technology space. Each University began marketing the workshop in Feb 2020 in line with the general universities’ orientation week. Then, the universities further underwent an application process to shortlist around 100 talented female students for the program.

Through the Inter-Varsity Tech Literacy Series, we aim to make a better future and combat gender inequality in the workforce by addressing the following UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

  • Quality Education (SDG 4)
  • Gender Equality (SDG 5)
  • Reduce Inequality (SDG 10)
  • Partnerships for the goals (SDG 17)

The Intervaristy Tech Literacy Series aims to empower female youths with skills in technology that translate to all fields of business, so that they are better prepared to initiate their careers within an industry that continuously experiences disruptive innovation.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic it was not possible to to hold the workshop on campus as planned, but it has presented an excellent opportunity to utilize the virtual technology to host workshops. A successful launch of Intervarsity virtual Masterclass was an outcome of true collaboration between Women in AI, Academia and technology partners. Additional follow up QnA sessions have been organized to provide students a rare opportunity to discuss the content from the workshop with tech experts. Further, embedded chatbot on Facebook Messenger have been created to offers students personalized information at their fingertips.

The initiative will be presented as a series of four workshops over the year concluding with a Grand Challenge at the end of the year.

The workshops are categorised according to the themes that have been carefully chosen in partnership between Academic lead Dr Natalie Oh, Industry Lead Angela Kim, partner sponsor companies and Head Digital Curriculum in Business School, Tam Nguyen.

Each workshop will be run as WAi (Women in AI) Masterclass

WAi Masterclass 1: Technology Tools (27th March 2020)

The first workshop was held using the Microsoft Teams. It was a natural flow to run it at Microsoft Teams ecosystem since the theme of the first workshop is about Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft: Business development & Information management - BI Fundamentals and tools

  • Microsoft Azure data environment and BI tools
  • Data Storytelling: Deliver insights via Compelling Stories DAY 2 (DXC Technology): Personalisation for technology tool box GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

Recorded workshop is also available in the following link:!AtAcDxyNnlqJgYq2KjIBbxQt_dFc01Y?e=POrLA0

The Women in AI and Microsoft has organized follow up quiz (Due 15th April) to ensure students learning is tested and a certificate will be issued to those students who meet the requirement.

Instructors from Microsoft who have facilitated the workshop and the quiz organized the follow up Q&A session (24th April) for students.
Following Q&A session, Talent Acquisition Manager from Microsoft gave a great advise on why tech skills are necessary for Business students and have encouraged and praised students for taking up the Inter-varsity Tech Series for Women.
76 students have attempted the Quiz and we are proud to announce that ALL 76 students have fulfilled the requirement for workshop 1.

WAi Masterclass 2: Technology Tools (29th May 2020)

The second workshop was conducted via ZOOM – 70 participants.

Based on the feedback from workshop 1, the second workshop was very ‘hands on’, step-by-step guide to Tableau and salesforce software.

Partnering Organisations: Tableau Software and Salesforce

It is vital to empower female students with tech skills to make them tech-literate.

These students do not necessarily want to or need to be a data scientist in the future, but they will need to be comfortable in technology tools to equip them to become capable professions in the future.

Workshop 2 has enabled students to be familiar with one of the fastest growing and commonly used tools in data visualization and customer relationship services (CRM) in the business industry.

Concept Check 2 was prepared to ensure the knowledge gained from the workshop is retained and tested. Concept check 2 due date 3rd July.

WAi Masterclass 3: Technology Fluency (24th July 2020)*


Steve Remington

Principal Consultant & Founder of Minerra (in partnership with Yellowfin)
Melbourne | Sydney | Singapore

Data visualisation and data storytelling are powerful methods to find conclusions and communicate recommendations from analytics with stakeholders to drive action. Unfortunately, all too often, data visualisation and data storytelling are seen as two more technical skills to learn and apply in the analytics process rather than a critical form of communication. In this presentation, Steve shares 10 dos and don’ts for data storytelling that will help you move from just using features of your favourite data visualisation software to creating clear data visualisations and combining them into engaging data stories that will drive data-driven decision making and action. The session will include short practical exercises to illustrate the dos and don'ts.

Nikita Dhami

Head of AI & ML DXC Technology | ARN 30 under 30 Winner 2020

Deep understanding of and thought leadership on data, AI & machine learning and applications; data-driven thinker and problem solver; ability to think critically on marketing technology, and digital technology topics across verticals.
Expertise in assessing, architecting, delivering, implementing, and integrating marketing technology, data, and analytics solutions.

Extensive experience as a consistent, reliable and efficient leader of dynamic teams operating in fast-paced environments.
Considerable experience in relationship management including customers, vendors, and internal stakeholders.
Excellent communication ability to engage senior stakeholders and executives.

Sabeh Hassan

Senior Manager Customer Analytics & Marketing Automation, DXC Technology

Results-driven professional with career-long record of operations analysis, strategic planning, and product marketing management success for leading organisations.

Atte Liimatainen

Data Scientist at DXC Technology

Chinky Mutreja

Technical Consultant at DXC Technology

WAi Masterclass 4: Future of Responsible Technology (11th September)*

Gradient Institute: Implication of Ethics in AI, Human-Centred AI and Algorithmic Bias, People + AI Guidebook – designing human-centred AI products (Google PAIR) Explainability, Trust and AI for Good

10.30 - 11.20 Gradient Institute : Ethical AI
11.20 – 12.10 pm Microsoft : Data & Visual Analytics
12:10 - 12:30 pm Lunch Break
12.30 - 1:15 pm Yellowfin : Data Visualisation for story-telling (DXC tech)
1.15 – 2 pm IAG: AI technology for General Insurance Claims use case

Grand Challenge (29th October)*

The culmination of the WAi Tech Literacy Series is the Grand Challenge, where teams compete in a case challenge that focuses on the blend between business and technology.

In 2020, we have partnered with UNSW Grand Challenge – Trust. The grand challenge questions will be on Technology and Trust.


Team winner
The winning team will have the opportunity to intern at one of partnering organization

Individual winner
The winning individual will travel to Paris and visit the WAi headquarters in Paris - paid return airfare (economy) and accommodation (for days related to visiting WAi headquarters) included.

*Disclaimer: Due to COVID-19 situation the partnering organization and the dates listed may be subject to change

Knowledge of technology and its continuously evolving tools, applications and impact is critical to not only STEM students, business students but to society as a whole. With female students making up only 20% of Information Technology graduates, this knowledge is even more critical to female students.

As a summary, we aim to:

Enrich female students’ knowledge, skills and insights into a continually transforming industry;

Encourage female students to understand the overlap between business and technology so that they can make more informed career decisions;

Establish important connections between students and industry professionals from a range of reputable companies;

Enhance female students’ university experiences through hands-on learning; and

Empower female students to overcome gender disparities within the technology and business landscapes.

Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact:

Dr Natalie OH
Phone: (02) 9385 9883

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Academic lead:
Dr Natalie OH
School of Banking and Finance, UNSW Business School

Industry lead:
Ms Angela KIM
Women in AI (WAI) Education Ambassador for Australia, WAI Global Education Lead

Student Societies:
Capital W

Partnering Organisations:
DXC Technology, Gradient institute, IAG, Microsoft, Salesforce, Women in AI, Yellowfin