5 things you should know before starting uni

Think you're ready for uni? Levelling up from highschool to university is a challenge! The first year, especially, is a BIG change from high school to #adulting.

We asked students what they wish they'd known in their first year (hint: independence is a blessing and a curse). Here are some pearls of wisdom that they had to share:

1.  "I didn't realise how much of a leap I was taking from high school"


"Keeping up with the pace of uni work while still making time for myself and extra-curriculars was a challenge at first, but getting to know people in the same classes and keeping on top of the workload helped me get through it in the end." – Sanjana, First Year Commerce/Economics 
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2.  "I didn't even know there was homework!"


"Make sure you read the course outline at the start of the semester to know what tutorial questions to do every week. I remember my very first accounting tute when they were going through homework, I didn't even know there was homework!" – Eezu Tan, First Year Commerce/Arts
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3.  "I wish I knew that I was able to be a lot more independent in my studies"


"Before I started at UNSW, I wish I knew that I was able to be a lot more independent in my studies and would have a lot more time to do things beyond the classroom like work, social life and other interests" – Kara Ho, Second Year Commerce/Economics
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4.  "Try to go to as many lectures as possible"


"Keep on top of your work and try to go to as many lectures as possible, which I found out was really important come final exams. Also make sure to have time for yourself and get into uni events like camps, case comps or cruises!" – Sammy Lau, First Year Commerce/Media
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5.  "Start thinking about your career options early"

"Don't fall behind in with your course work. Apply for different societies and extra curriculars. Start thinking about your career options early, and how best your time at uni can help you achieve your career goals. Be mindful of your time management skills, make sure you spend your time in meaningful ways." – Jonson Yuan, Second Year Commerce/Information Systems
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