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Sharing food and feedback on campus

Here's the Top 10 things you told us about your experience at UNSW, and how we're working
to improve it further.

1. You want to see more internships opportunities (for international students, too)

Internships and the opportunity to participate in work-integrated learning is a big priority at the UNSW Business School. Career Accelerator is your one-stop-shop for finding out about existing (and often unfilled!) for-credit internships. These are available for all UNSW Business School students – domestic and international. 

As part of Career Accelerator, you'll also find virtual internshipsalumni mentoringnetworking events, and other opportunities (includingglobal opportunities). Check it out!

2. You love the mentoring programs and want to know more about how you can get matched with a mentor.

Career Accelerator
 provides two main ways to connect with alumni mentors: Career Mentoring Program and Mentor Connect. Sign up to Career Accelerator and complete the CA: Essentials modules to access these programs.

3. You want to skill-up!

Career Accelerator
 offers a range of activities and resources for essential workplace skill development. From 2019, we will be offering free online Excel training and the chance to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist Certification as a part of your degree. Our UNSW Business School Student Societies also offer skills-based workshops, such as learning to apply coding in your Information Systems, Marketing, Economics and Actuarial Studies courses.

We're always looking for ways to help our students skill-up for success, so if there are any areas you're looking for more professional skill development and support, let us know.

4. PASS classes are awesome – offer more!

Did you know that we've added 9 new courses to the PASS program this year? Share your ideas about how to make PASS even more effective and useful.

5. You want more study spaces with 24/7 access that are clean and comfortable.

We see you making good use of the new benches, tables and stools scattered around the Quad precinct. These are just one part of a much bigger project currently in the works. In 2019, you can expect to see more informal student spaces becoming available and a new 24/7 access study space. Over summer, the Business School and Quadrangle buildings will see further improvements to these student-led spaces. 

Regarding the state of the toilets, these are being checked several times a day to try to keep them up to scratch. They are being heavily used, so let's all take collective responsibility for their state and report any issues straight away to help the cleaning crews.

6. You want more active and interactive learning opportunities in class: discussions, pop-quizzes, live Q&A; high-quality lecturer recordings; practice questions, and online quizzes to prepare for exams.

All very welcome and valid suggestions. There are several projects in place to improve the interactive capabilities of your lecture experience using new technology and you'll see more and more of this in your classrooms.  We are sharing your feedback with lecturers and are working with them to further improve the delivery of content and assessment – examples are the active learning and assessment guides that we've prepared for lecturers and tutors. We're also on the case about the quality of those lecture recordings and keen on hearing any other feedback you might have on your digital learning experience.

7. You want more opportunities to interact with students in class (but not through group work assignments!)

That makes sense. Working in teams is the norm these days and collaborative learning activities are essential. We're also currently piloting a new course (Industry Consulting Project: COMM2233) which offers the opportunity to work in small consulting teams, supported by a PwC mentor, culminating in a pitch day at PwC. When it comes to group work assignments, we understand that the added pressure of assessment can be a challenge. Be mindful that it's these challenges that can build your experience in dealing with teamwork, negotiating, influencing and organisational skills. These are all essential to making it in any professional environment.

8. You'd like more opportunities to socialise outside of class.

How about joining one (or more) of the UNSW Business School 25 affiliated clubs and societies? All of which also offers professional development and networking opportunities. By actively participating in our great societies not only will you mature professionally, you can expect to meet new people, build friendships and have a great time while you're at uni. Some friendships might even turn into professional relationships in the future!

9. Textbooks are too expensive and more copies should be made available via the library.

We completely agree with you and will work with the library to improve high-frequency loan availability and digital repositories.

10. You're uncertain about the new three-term academic calendar (3+).

We realise it's a big change, however, the flexibility that it will bring really does have to be seen to be believed. Your internship and exchangeability should increase, and you can set your own pace for how quickly/slowly you complete your degree. Be sure to plan it out to take full advantage and really make this work for you. To make the transition smoother, you can also take up a summer course.

We loved having the opportunity to chat with you and are committed to providing you with a world-class student experience at the UNSW Business School.

As always, share your feedback with us at any time, and stay tuned to our emails, student newsletters, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages for all the good stuff!