The Place for students

This new approach to campus learning is proven to provide better learning outcomes.

For our students, that may mean better academic results, as well as the soft skills employers increasingly expect in graduates – negotiation and collaboration, idea generation, problem solving, working under pressure, presentation skills, leadership and project management.

Your teacher supports this as a facilitator, rather than as a lecturer. They’ll guide group discussions, explain difficult concepts within small groups, focus attention on great new ideas so they can be explored more deeply, and provide personal attention to individual students as needed.

Be prepared to participate

To get the most value from your classes in The Place, you need to do your homework before class. That means watching videos and podcasts, reviewing online resources and background materials, preparing for discussions and thinking about questions you need to ask.

A collaborative space for group work

The Place is your space to work and learn – before, during and after class. It is open 7 days a week for those with current UNSW Business School swipe card access. Outside of scheduled class times, you can meet to discuss group projects, use the brainstorming spaces to come up with new ideas, or rehearse your presentations.

For room bookings,enquiries and further information about The Place, please email:

Flipped Classroom VR

Download the Virtual Tour App available through the App Store and Google Play.