Orion Digital Internship


Get experience as a digital nomad. Get your competitive edge.

Orion is a six-week, part-time, online internship, designed for all undergraduate and postgraduate business students. It’s sponsored by the UNSW Business School and run by QLC.io.

The remote internship offers you the opportunity to experience working for an innovative tech startup from across the world, wherever your laptop takes you, giving you the digital skills to succeed in the new world of work.

The Orion internship is an amazing opportunity to springboard yourself into the real startup world. I built a great network of contacts, upgraded my skills and I now have the courage for grand visions!

Daniel Bar
PhD in Electrical Engineering

What you will gain

Digital experience: Learn the latest in business development, data analytics and digital marketing.

Global networks: Work alongside colleagues from different cultures, time zones and markets, using cloud based tools.

Business skills: Use your innovative ideas and experience to solve real business problems and help shape a company’s future.

Earn credits and a recommendation

LinkedIn is a powerful tool when building your professional network. Throughout the internship, you can connect with colleagues and students from across the globe, and receive a digital certificate for your profile. Why not ask your mentor for a recommendation and a reference too?

LinkedIn Recommendation

Work on a project that drives your passion

QLC.io has partnered with a range of social enterprises, accelerator backed startups and corporations – offering a diverse range of projects you can apply to.

Application Process

  • Please read through the QLC.io FAQs and then register your account through the QLC.io website.
  • Next, apply for two or three projects and complete the short pre-project task which you will receive via email. This will need to be completed within two weeks of applying.
  • If you are successful you will receive an email offer from one of your project applications which you will have two days to accept. Once accepting, you will receive your start date and access to all the necessary online resources.

Get support during your Internship

Once you have registered your account, the QLC.io team is available on live chat to answer any of your questions.

You can also contact Brigitte McKenna, UNSW Student Opportunities Specialist, who can provide support and help answer any questions you may have:

Brigitte McKenna
Student Opportunities Specialist
9385 4745

Read our testimonials

One of the key takeaways from this project was the understanding of starting a startup, it's not easy and no-one is going to do everything for you, nor do you have all the skills necessary to run everything yourself. Breaking down the problem for our startup, we were able to model an innovative marketing strategy to retarget our distribution efforts, and we were happy that we're able to help create value in such a short time in a role and industry we started off unfamiliar with.

Tina Tran
UNSW Business School Student