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Connecting Alumni with Students for Career Success

Why should I join Career Accelerator Network?

Career Accelerator Network provides alumni with an opportunity to give back to the UNSW Business School community by guiding future generations of business leaders. Helping current students is a rewarding experience both personally and professionally. Alumni can enhance their professional profile and the profile of their organisation; develop coaching skills and mentorship experience; learn more about their professional self; and have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of UNSW Business School students.

Career Accelerator Network is an on-demand platform that does not require formal time commitments from alumni. If a request is made by a student that cannot be met, alumni have the option to reschedule or deny the request. This flexibility makes Career Accelerator Network the ideal platform for alumni who have limited time but want to connect and engage with the UNSW Business School community as their schedule allows.


How does it work?

1. Register

Set-up your Career Accelerator Network account. You can sign-up using your LinkedIn account, which imports most of your details and credentials into your profile, or you can sign-up using email.

2. Complete your profile

Having a full and accurate profile provides students with the information they need to determine if you are an appropriate connection and helps students prepare suitable questions for phone conversations.

3. Select your availability

Choose times when you will be available for phone consultations and set the number of conversations you can fulfil each month. You have a 48-hour window to respond to student requests.

4. Get approved

After completing the registration process your account will be approved. Your profile will go live and students will be able to request phone consultations.

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Q What is UNSW Business School Career Accelerator Network?

UNSW Business School Career Accelerator Network is an exclusive online platform connecting UNSW Business School students with experienced graduates. Students use the platform to reach out to alumni and request a 30-minute phone conversation. Phone calls are connected through the online platform and students and graduates may use the time to discuss the student’s career goals, business industries, job functions, conduct a mock job interview or discuss strategies for writing a strong CV. UNSW Business School Career Accelerator Network helps students discover more about potential employers, industries, roles and future employment opportunities. It is a chance for you, as a graduate, to increase your coaching skills and experience and connect with the current generation of business students.

Q Why should I get involved in UNSW Business School Career Accelerator Network as an Alumni Advisor?
  • Enhance your professional profile and the profile of your organisation
  • Boost your coaching skills and experience
  • Learn more about your professional self
  • Connect with the current generation of students
  • Feel good in the knowledge that you’re making a positive difference to our students
Q How do I sign up?

Sign up to be an Alumni Advisor here. The easiest way to sign up is to use your LinkedIn login. When signing up to the platform, you’ll be prompted to select the times each week when you are available to have a phone conversation with a student. For example, you might set your availability to every Monday between 5pm and 7pm, or every month for a three hour window.

Q How does the platform work?

Students log in to UNSW Business School Career Accelerator Network and search through the Alumni Advisor profiles. Students send a message to graduates they wish to talk to, introducing themselves and requesting a specific conversation to suit their needs: career conversation, resume review or mock interview. Many students will hope to speak to alumni who graduated from their same degree, or those who are working in their future dream job. Students are able to use multiple search fields to filter the pool of alumni available including geographic location, industry, degree, company and role.

After receiving a conversation request from a student, you’ll be asked to accept or decline. If you accept the student’s request, your phone will ring at the appointed time, connecting you and the student similar to conference call facility. You will need to opt in to the ‘dial in’ system, instead of the default ‘dial out’ option to avoid being charged the cost of a local call. You will receive an SMS text message reminder five minutes prior to your booked call. Please note you must opt in for this service and you will be charged to cost of an SMS applicable to your phone plan.

Q I’m not currently based in Australia. Can I still participate in Career Advisor?

Yes,we’d love you to participate. Many UNSW Business students are interested in careers in other countries and your insights would be invaluable. Career Accelerator Network will be able to take into account the time zone you are in and schedule conversations accordingly. You will only be charged local call and SMS rates.

Q Will I have to pay for any of the services?

The opt in reminder SMS will be charged to your phone plan at the rate applicable for a local SMS. You must select the ‘dial out’ option to override the default ‘dial in’ option for all career conversation and mock interview appointments. If you don’t do this you will be charged the cost of a local call.

Q Do I need to prepare for my phone calls with students?

No. Students are interested in talking to you about your career path, the daily realities of your job and what working life 'is really like'. Students are keen to use you as a sounding board but many will be grateful if you 'lead' the conversation. Many students are unsure of what profession to pursue after university and are using UNSW Business School Career Accelerator Network as an opportunity to learn from business professionals with real career experience. Students will appreciate your honesty and support. Tell them what you wish someone had told you when you were at university. Help boost their confidence and excitement about entering the workforce after graduation.

Q What happens when a student requests a resume critique session with me?

This request does not actually involve the usual 30-minute phone call. Instead, the student will upload their resume to the UNSW Business School Career Accelerator Network platform and you’ll be able to view the document and send your written response back to the student. You have the option to provide up to three responses to the student.

Q Can I use the platform to have a conversation with a fellow graduate about my own career?

No. Career Accelerator Network can only be used for student-alumni conversations.

Q Who are the students on UNSW Business School Career Accelerator Network?

All UNSW Business School second and third year students, postgraduates, and MBA students have access to Career Accelerator Network. Students are granted up to six months access to CA Network post-graduation.