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Career Accelerator Network: Connecting Alumni with Students for Career Success

How does it work?

New to Career Accelerator Network?

The first step is to read through the introduction on the Career Accelerator Network platform and then complete a short multiple-choice quiz. Once you have passed the quiz you will be emailed with your access to Career Accelerator Network.


Already received your access?

Have you already completed the introductory reading, passed the quiz and been emailed your access? You can now start viewing UNSW Business School alumni advisor profiles and book a consultation to accelerate your career.

ACCESS Career Accelerator Network

What can you discuss with your advisor?

Each alumni advisor has selected which consultation types they are available for and which fields they specialise in. The three types of consultations available are:

Career Conversation

Find out how your alumni advisor got their first job, discuss their career path or just talk about things you can do to improve your employability. Ask about what it is really like to work in the industry or what they do on a typical day.

Resume Review

Have your resume and/or cover letter reviewed by an advisor.

Mock Interview

Practice one-on-one for a big interview with your advisor who has been through the interview process and landed the job. Get the advisor to ask you typical interview questions and then provide feedback on your answer.

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